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HARD HAT HAPPENINGS: Finishing Touches for the Finish Line


Finishing Touches for the Finish Line
hooks school
Lighting fixtures, coat hooks, doors knobs and shower bars, small items making a big difference as they are installed throughout the new Bancroft Campus last week. The scent of fresh paint and new floors permeate throughout the buildings, and shrubs, flowers and trees now fill the beds surrounding the campus.  Grass is quickly sprouting up around the Bancroft neighborhood of campus residences.
“It’s a remarkable transformation,” says John Barnard, Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Training, who visited the campus this week as part of a group tasked with taking a deep dive into the future of the Lindens and its expansive programing. 
“We really want the team to feel the new space so it inspires them to think big,” said Karen Lindgren, Senior Clinical Director, Bancroft NeuroRehab, also a member of the strategic planning team.
With just a few short weeks until the keys to the campus are transferred to Bancroft from P. Agnes, the project construction team, crews are hard at work putting all the finishing touches on a campus built on-time and within budget.
We hosted Mount Laurel Mayor Dennis Riley along with members of the Mount Laurel Police, Fire and EMS squads to tour the site for a special preview.  As with all of our host communities, their partnership will be extremely important.   They were warm and welcoming, and we look forward to a great start in Mount Laurel.
Teachers and staff are currently taking final inventory of items that will move with them to the new campus and those we will dispose of. As the move-in date quickly approaches, they are also finalizing plans for preparing the students for such a transition to ensure a smooth transfer to their new school and residences. Parents of children enrolled in The Bancroft School will have their first glimpse of the campus when we we hold Parent/Teacher Conferences in November at the new site!

I can’t even begin to express what it has been like to witness the emergence of this campus, our vision, the dream that Margaret Bancroft had for the children we serve to come together into such a masterpiece for the region.
As we get closer to bringing in smart boards, furniture and all the home amenities, I look around and simply say, this is exactly what these children deserve. Something built just for them so they can continue to grow in ways we have only imagined. It’s for them. And I am so proud.
Here’s a few more finishing touches…

Residential kitchen

Lighting fixtures in the cafeteria

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100 Days!
Over the past eight months, I have been showing off the new campus to donors, elected officials, Bancroft staff and the organization's closest friends. Each time, our guests walk away with a keen sense of just how important this project is for the students, their families and the community.
It turns out they aren't the only ones who were listening to our story. The construction crews and trades who have been working to bring our plan to life have heard it, too.
Led by contractor P. Agnes and project manager Bill Bamford, these workers and their employers together raised $275,550 for the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. We are beyond grateful for their support, not to mention their hard work to bring this project to fruition.
100 days.  That's how long until we take possession of the campus and its buildings and begin the work of installing technology, moving in furniture, and adding all the finishing touches.
No doubt, the next 100 days will fly by!
Take a look at the progress:
Click to watch the video!
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Who's Keeping Score? We Are!


Seven months to go and our new gymnasium is taking shape at Bancroft at Mt. Laurel!

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Hard Hat Happenings



As I stepped inside the school building this month, I felt it. I felt the hustle and bustle in the hallways. I felt an electric current from the buzz of activity. With over 200 construction workers and tradespeople working on the site, it’s beginning to emit the same energy as the current school with 220 students and staff arriving, moving from classroom to classroom, getting things done. They are wiring, painting, finishing walls, tiling bathrooms, installing windows, doors and so much more. There’s a real sense of the space and its purpose and promise.

Over the past few months, the campus has been transformed. We now enter the main entrance where just this week a worker attached power lines to the poles, setting up the foundation for power to the campus. As we walk through the school, the activity center and each residence, the colorful power lines hang overhead waiting to be tucked up and concealed. They are bringing the campus to life.

We hosted some of our closest friends this month for a hard hat tour of the campus they have generously supported. Each of our guests had seen the graphic interpretation of the vision for the new campus in its early stages, so seeing it so expertly replicated from the ground up left them amazed and closer to feeling how the campus and its facilities will impact the lives of the children we serve and support.

Bancroft’s medical team joined Pat and Tina Meade, Tom Heitzman of Whitesell Construction and Rob Curley of TD Bank. The Meade’s son Daniel will be one of the first students to graduate from the new Bancroft campus.

Representatives of Ravitz Family ShopRite and the Ravitz Family Foundation visited the site to see the impact of their Capital Campaign donation and the progress of the space earmarked for a ShopRite store front. It was wonderful to share our excitement about the site and thank them in person for their generous support helping the vision come to fruition.

Landscaping has begun with dozens of trees and bushes being delivered by the truckload.
Concrete for the Activity Pool has been poured, and we can see the quadrants of the pool just waiting for students to play, learn and have fun right here on campus.

Keep tuning in as we power through the next few months, anticipating a certificate of occupancy this fall.

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Construction update. Check out the progress!


Check out the construction site at the Bancroft Raymond & Joanne Welsh Campus in Mount Laurel! Lots of progress and we are almost ready to start painting! 

You can see just how far we have come with our Live Feed and Time Lapse construction cam!

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HARD HAT HAPPENINGS: Fences, signs and asphalt!


Fences, signs and asphalt! Oh my!

Spring has abundantly sprung at the site of Bancroft's new campus in Mount Laurel. Emerging from the winter freeze, the campus is now lined with curbs and sidewalks making way for paving to occur in the next few weeks. 

As I stepped onto site this week with a special Bancroft friend, Jack Tarditi of Conner Strong and Mayor Emeritus of Haddonfield, I could see newly hatched buds on the trees that encircle the campus. Amazing to think in only nine short months these pathways and sidewalks will fill with faculty, staff, and students hustling to get to their classrooms.
And classrooms they are many! All 44 classrooms now have walls! Our project manager, Bill, tells me dry wall is the first step in the finishing phase of the project. It's easy to imagine where the desks will go, where teachers will hang the smart boards and how the wide hallways will bring light and fluidity to the movement of the student's day. 
Glass curtains - literally walls of glass - are being installed - from the front of the building to the back. The open environment invites natural light and texture in, an element we purposefully incorporated into the design. Beautiful wood panel ceilings are being installed in the grand entrances, each plank weighing over 40 lbs and over 1,000 of them being placed one by one by some very strong workers. 
Some big milestones to celebrate - digging for the pool is now under way, and the medical suite is framed, giving shape to treatment rooms just a little further down the hallway. 

Our Lindens and Campus Residences - homes for the children and adolescents who will live on campus - are creating a neighborhood. Siding is now complete, and bedrooms, bathrooms and, oh yes, laundry rooms - where 700 loads of wash are done weekly - are evident. I can imagine the kids and our staff enjoying the larger and certainly more beautiful quarters. And that gigantic pile of dirt we've been hoarding will soon make way for walking paths, playgrounds and open fields for our students to enjoy. They deserve this! 

And that's the point, right? To be able to provide our students, faculty and staff with a school, residences and a campus they feel proud of, a place created just for them. Starting late spring we will begin to share the campus with families and school districts. We will be touring groups of employees from throughout the organization to show them what's next and where we're going. 

With the warmer months ahead, progress on the site will ramp up even more. More than 150 construction workers and trades on-site are bringing Bancroft's Raymond & Joanne Welsh Campus in Mt. Laurel to life. Move in will be here before we know it! 
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Bancroft honors longtime supporters Raymond and Joanne Welsh with namesake campus


Bancroft honors longtime supporters Raymond and Joanne Welsh with namesake campus
The largest expansion in organizational history will become a permanent testament to the Welsh family’s tireless service to Bancroft

Cherry Hill, N.J. (March 22, 2017) – Bancroft, a regional human and healthcare services organization serving people with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries, will name its new campus for children and adolescents in Mount Laurel, N.J., the Raymond and Joanne Welsh Campus.  The campus represents the largest expansion in Bancroft’s 134 year history of serving children and adults with special needs and will replace Bancroft’s current campus in Haddonfield, N.J.  
Scheduled to open and begin providing services in January 2018, the sprawling campus will be home to The Bancroft School, the Lindens Center for Autism neurobehavioral program and campus residences, and recreational facilities and programs for students, families and the larger autism and special needs community.  Bancroft’s vision is to transform the way students with special needs throughout the region access educational, recreational and social and enrichment activities.
Longtime benefactors, the Welshes jumpstarted Bancroft’s ONE Can Change the World Capital Campaign in support of the new campus.  As campaign co-chair and long-time member of the Bancroft Board of Trustees, Ray Welsh helped the organization raise $7 million toward the $12 million campaign goal before he passed away last year. 
 As dedicated supporters of Bancroft for decades, the Welshes understood the immeasurable impact the organization has on families across the region. In 1991, when the couple needed assistance caring for their adult son, Randy, staff helped ease his transition into a Bancroft residence and enabled him to become involved with his peers. He enjoyed participating in activities and achieved increased independence during his adult life. Randy thrived at Bancroft for many years until his passing from a brain tumor over a decade ago.
“Bancroft has been an enormous part of our family since our son entered the program, and I am honored the new campus will bear our name and honor his legacy,” Joanne Welsh said. “I know firsthand the profound impact the right supports have on individuals with disabilities like Randy, and this campus will afford so many people the same opportunities.” 
“Ray was a trusted member of our Board of Trustees for more than 15 years, and, together with his wife Joanne, enabled Bancroft to serve a larger population of children and adults with diverse challenges,” said Toni Pergolin, Bancroft President and CEO. “The Raymond and Joanne Welsh Campus will be a permanent symbol of our gratitude to the Welshes and a beacon of hope for families throughout our region.”

Explore features of the new Raymond and Joanne Welsh Campus here.  ...
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HARD HAT HAPPENINGS: Thoughtful Transformation


Thoughtful Transformation

Touring our burgeoning campus with a new group of friends yesterday gave me the opportunity to view it from a different perspective, through the eyes of first-time visitors. When I walk the construction site, I see major progress toward completion and culmination of a plan we’ve been working on for a decade. I see fully enclosed buildings, duct work and wiring – conduits to the inner workings of the buildings. I see spacious bedrooms and living spaces that I can imagine being very active in less than a year! I see the campus homes begin to form a neighborhood, and class rooms taking shape in the school.

What do our visitors see when they visit for the first time?

Yesterday’s tourists were State Senator Dawn Addiego and Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg of New Jersey’s 8th legislative district and Pat Pasquariello, CEO of P. Agnes, the contractor we chose for the most important project in Bancroft history.

At the end of the site walk during which we explained our purposeful design and campus elements, Senator Addiego deemed the Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel a college-like setting, where children will feel part of a community and Assemblywoman Rodriguez- Gregg was intrigued by how “thoughtful and specialized it was designed specifically for the children we serve.” Throughout the visit, they saw opportunities for Bancroft to partner with a host of organizations for group activities, job training, staff development – even pet therapy! We look forward to making those connections in Burlington County!

These two representatives clearly appreciate the impact this campus will have and how every aspect was inspired by the children we teach, serve and support. Thank you Senator Addiego and Assemblywoman Rodriguez-Gregg for lending us your eyes and your perspective! We can’t wait to celebrate the opening with you next year!

As a seasoned contractor, Pat brought an eye for detail, sharing his view on the quality of the workmanship and the distinct design elements. He, too, was struck by the progress being made at the site, knowing how important this project is to the children we serve and their families and our staff and faculty.

By my next visit, construction on the Activity Pool, one of the most game-changing elements of the campus will be underway! Upon opening, it will be the hub of activity and in high demand for water therapy and sensory activity as well as lessons in water safety and swimming. It will be exciting watching it come to life.

Although grateful for the mild winter thus far, keeping the project on schedule, I look forward to watching season of spring come to life on the campus, with the sunshine and fresh green leaves on the hundreds of trees encircling the campus. It will be a beautiful setting to welcome more first-time visitors at the Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel.


The Philadelphia Inquirer recently toured the new Bancroft at Mount Laurel site to learn about the progress and impact the campus will have on the greater autism and special needs community.

“This location anticipates the growing needs of special-education students for 50 to 100 years in the future.” Less than one year from opening, the campus is truly taking shape.

Check out the article

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One Year To Go!

Yesterday’s visit to the new campus construction site was exhilarating! In the middle of January, it was 60 degrees, more than 30 degrees warmer than our last tour before the holidays. Instead of frozen tundra, we trod through mud that felt like quick sand in some areas. Really glad I brought my knee-high, easy-to-hose-off boots!

hard hat 5

Board member Scott Bannett – our construction expert – joined me for today’s walk-around exclaiming “awesome progress” as we finished up. I would agree. Scott’s perspective went deeper into construction details than most of our guests, providing me with a greater appreciation for the choreography of the project necessary to ensure excellent construction delivered on time.

The final building on the campus – the Facilities and Receiving building – is now underway making it the last building started and the first building to be completed. The concrete slab will be poured there soon, bringing the total concrete floors on the campus to 2,698 square yards. Wow!
Parking areas, islands and curbs are going in, seemingly outlining the campus, with 5,000 feet of curb being constructed this week alone.
With every building planned for the site underway, it already feels like home. The Bancroft School building is completely framed in steel, and we walked up the completed stairwell to the second floor of the Elementary/Middle School wing to enjoy a spectacular view.

We were able to walk through the entire building, from the school wings all the way through the Activity Center. We stepped into the gymnasium and peered into the pool space which, thanks to the thaw, was aptly filled with water – not the kind we want!

What really filled my heart today, though, were the housing units for our children. The structures in both the Lindens Neurobehavioral program and Campus Residences already look and feel like community homes, homes that will support the children in residence in ways they deserve and what we’ve always wanted to provide.

The Campus Residences – which will house 44 kids – are truly spectacular with welcoming front porches, views of the tree-lined campus, inviting group space and perfectly designed bedrooms and shared kitchens and laundry areas. The siding is already in place on a few, giving it a real neighborhood look and feel. Along with an indoor gym, pool and play spaces, the outdoor sports and play areas will really bring so much joy and fun to the lives of the kids in residence and in school.

I can’t wait for them and their families to see what we’ve been able to do for them!

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Bancroft employees make their mark in history by signing the beam now placed in the steel structure of the new Bancroft at Mount Laurel Campus to open in January 2018.

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We have risen.

I don’t mean to be so dramatic, but today’s tour of the campus site inspired me. Just three weeks ago, we celebrated the construction kick-off, and today The Bancroft School building is framed in steel with the two-story wing commanding our attention. Campus Residences are framed in wood, and the walls of the gymnasium and pool provide a glimpse of the space that will provide immense joy to our kids.



Today, I was joined by Bancroft Board chair Jim Dwyer and our Chief Legal Officer James Wellons. The last time Jim saw the site was more than two years ago when we were considering options for our new campus. What a difference on this cold morning, when we saw our breath just before it was taken away by the sheer splendor of the quickly emerging Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel.


With the Supermoon still visible, our initial view from the parking area was of the thinning ring of trees around the campus core, a tall crane sticking up like a spire and geese in v-formation heading south. It dawned on me they won’t recognize the campus when they return this spring!

Our buildings and our campus are taking shape. We walked through one of the Campus Residences, and we were able to identify the bedrooms, the high-ceilinged living space, kitchen and even the laundry rooms. Workers were framing another house this morning, and wood for a third was lined up awaiting placement.

With 10 buildings being constructed at the same time, and dozens of big trucks delivering materials throughout the day, I am amazed how well things are going. Project manager Bill Bamford said “It’s like conducting an orchestra.” We’re glad Bill is our maestro!

What really impresses me is the precision, meticulousness and science behind the construction process. Concrete is mixed and poured according to temperature, so the predicted cold weather will require a new formula for the five remaining concrete pours to complete the school building. Every bolt in those steel frames – and there are 8,881 of them! – are tightened one by one. It’s a race against nature to the finish – and it’s a race we must win!


It was another great morning in Mt. Laurel. “Immense” is the word Jim Dwyer used to describe what he saw. James said the campus is even better than the renderings, and the renderings are pretty impressive!

Bill said “Don’t blink,” it’ll be finished before we know it. Boy, do we have a lot of work to do before then!

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Bancroft Set to Expand Services for Children with Autism


Construction Kick-Off Event Marks Biggest Expansion in Bancroft’s 133 Year History

L to R: Burlington County Freeholder Kate Gibbs, Bancroft Senior Vice President Dennis Morgan and Bancroft President and CEO Toni Pergolin celebrate the construction kickoff event at the new Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel by placing their hands in cement on October 25, 2016.
L to R: Burlington County Freeholder Kate Gibbs, Bancroft Senior Vice President Dennis Morgan and Bancroft President and CEO Toni Pergolin celebrate the construction kickoff event at the new Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel by placing their hands in cement on October 25, 2016.


Mount Laurel, NJ - With hands in cement, children from the Bancroft School, together with dignitaries and Bancroft leadership, marked the future of the organization with a construction kick-off event in celebration of the new $75 million Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. The expansive, 165,112 square foot, 80-acre site is slated to open in early 2018.

Bancroft, the oldest and one of the largest regional providers of services and programs for children and adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injury and neurological conditions, welcomed over 150 guests to the active construction site to celebrate the start of next chapter in serving those with special needs.


“Nearly a dozen years ago, we became acutely aware of the need to meet the growing demand for special education and autism-related services and the need to do so in facilities inspired by the distinct challenges of the children and adolescents we serve,” said President and CEO Toni Pergolin. “Our vision for this campus is to go beyond that to create a regional destination of hope for families in the broader autism and special needs community.”

More than a relocation of The Bancroft School and the Lindens Center for Autism - presently on Bancroft’s legacy Haddonfield campus - the new campus will include specialized indoor and outdoor play areas, a sensory-friendly activity pool, and residential facilities designed expressly for students who receive integrated therapy, behavior support and daily life skills and socialization training. The campus will also include the Bancroft Training Institute, a medical suite for daily treatment and desensitization.

Students at The Bancroft School come from every county in New Jersey as well as from throughout greater Philadelphia and other states. The Lindens Center for Autism is a pediatric residential program through which Bancroft serves children and adolescents with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities who are in crisis and in need of acute behavior stabilization. Including the Lindens Neurobehavioral Program, one of few like it in the country, and Campus Residences, the new Lindens Center allows for the separation of therapy work from living and personal space.

Beyond the special education and behavioral stabilization programs, Bancroft plans to offer recreation and socialization classes and workshops, after school and weekend respite, family and sibling programs and resources to all those in the autism and special needs community.




“As Autism rates continue to rise, so does the need for creative solutions, integrated education models and a focus on the whole child, including helping each of them find outlets for fun and friendship in everyday life,” said Pergolin. “We believe a holistic approach combined with innovation supports our promise to provide the best possible atmosphere for each student to learn, thrive and reach his or her fullest potential.”

“Bancroft has been a trusted partner for so many individuals and their families for more than a century. This expansion will enable Bancroft to provide much-needed services for even more people across Southern New Jersey and the entire region,” said Rep. Donald Norcross of New Jersey’s First Congressional District. “I join with Bancroft celebrating this new chapter and the promise of expanded, compassionate care offered by the Bancroft family.”

Construction funds for the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel are derived from bond financing, the sale of the Haddonfield campus and the One Can Change the World capital campaign launched in early 2016. The campaign has raised $7 million of the $12 million target in the first year.


About Bancroft


Bancroft is a leading nonprofit provider of specialized services for individuals with autism, other intellectual or developmental disabilities and those in need of neurological rehabilitation. Through its innovative continuum of care, Bancroft offers a comprehensive range of services for unlocking each person’s full potential and meeting his or her changing needs, including: brain injury rehabilitation, special education, vocational training and supported employment, structured day programs, campus and community living programs, and behavioral supports.

For over 133 years, Bancroft has been pioneering new ways of helping people with disabilities lead independent and fulfilling lives. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, Bancroft boasts 30 programs in 16 locations serving 2,000 people annually throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, including more than 200 community-based group homes and supervised apartments. Learn More.

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The First Column Inspires my First Column.

As we watched the first column - the first upright piece of construction material - on the Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel be set into place, my spirits lifted along with it. The hefty piece of metal was lifted by a machine operated by one guy, while two others guided the piece into place and secured it in the fitting waiting for its mate. That was just House D, code for one of the seven pediatric duplex homes being constructed on the campus site. 

Our enthusiastic project manager, Bill Bamford, suggested that we  look at the webcam that same afternoon and all the columns in that house would be in place by the end of the day. 

And they were! 
My monthly visits to the construction site are beyond exciting as I see our vision, our plans come to life. This time Chuck McLister, our COO and Dennis Morgan, our SVP of Community Solutions, Educationand Adult Day & Employment Services, joined me in our bobcat tour of the site. It was their first time seeing what they have worked on in design documents for so long, come to reality.

I am learning a lot about construction, the complexity of a multi-building project, and the challenges associated with scheduling the many work crews to maximize the days before winter. 

To manage that schedule, the project management team employs a rainbow of Post-it notes with a date written on each and then stuck on a floor-to-ceiling white board with a grid of squares representing each week of construction work for the next year. Any change and every delay require the moving of sticky notes from one square to the next. I am already up at night thinking about that grid! 

In addition to the multi-colored sticky notes on the white board were bursts of bright hues on the actual construction site. Big trucks and equipment in bright yellow, orange, green and white. A sea of yellow and orange safety vests . Big neon orange barriers outlining the walls of the Lindens admin building. So much color, so much activity, so much anticipation of what's ahead and staying on schedule.

When we left the muddied parking lot, we were assured by Bill that he would be the one to stay up at night worrying and not us. We are making great progress. 
Dennis left humbled.
Chuck left inspired.
I left grateful.
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Bancroft President, Toni Pergolin, visits construction site for the new Bancroft Campus


As the day broke on September 8, Toni Pergolin, President and CEO at Bancroft visited the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel to greet the tradesmen and women on site and thank them for the job they are doing preparing our new campus.
Toni Pergolin Visits Construction Site...
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Watch LIVE as our Campus is built


As The Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel comes to life, you can watch it all from our Construction Cam. 

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Bancroft Neurohealth secures $107M bond deal for move to Mount Laurel


The Philadelphia Inquirer featured a story about the vision and business decisions to expand to Mount Laurel.

Read More
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Work has begun at the new campus!


Check out pictures of the 80 acre site of the future Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel as work begins. 
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Mount Laurel Approves Bancroft Campus Plans


On December 10, 2015, the Mount Laurel Planning Board unanimously approved the plans for the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. The new campus will be the largest expansion of education and enrichment services in Bancroft’s 133-year history. The campus will be located in the Bishops Gate community with close access to 295, Route 38 and major roadways. The groundbreaking will take place in the next few months with a targeted opening of Fall 2017....
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Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel Gets Official Address


Our excitement rises as we announce our official new address for the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. The new campus will be located at 311 Walton Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ. We are one step closer to our vision for the future. Don’t GPS just yet; more information will be coming soon!...
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Enjoying the Season with a Child with Special Needs


This time of year, no family should miss festive holiday outings and opportunities to enjoy public celebrations.

Fortunately, Kristin Vespe, M.S.Ed., BCBA, Director of Bancroft’s Mobile Solutions, can offer suggestions to avoid problematic behaviors during this busy time of year.

Families with children with intellectual or developmental disabilities may be familiar with the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies disruptive or inappropriate behaviors in public settings. But parents and caregivers can be prepared to minimize the occurrence of problem behaviors and manage them when they do occur.

“Children and adolescents often respond well to a predictable schedule,” Vespe says. “Keep a visual calendar of events prominent in your home or classroom and review the day’s activities together.”

While planning your holiday events, attempt to minimize disruptions to routines. As a family, decide which seasonal events and outings are most important, and incorporate them into your family schedule well in advance. Provide concrete guidelines prior to the event and ample warning before traveling to the event.

If the event is likely to be long in duration or the environment is going to be busy or loud, plan ahead to take breaks from the activity before problem behaviors occur. A short break in a quiet area can make a big difference in new and exciting situations. Provide access to preferred items or activities for successful participation in these events.

“Encourage kids to participate together with their siblings,” says Vespe. “Create a family plan in which everyone feels included.”

While ample preparation can help considerably in preventing disruptions, families should also have the tools to de-escalate disruptive behavior.

If problem behaviors arise, minimize attention to the behavior and speak to the child using a neutral tone, while reminding him or her of your expectations.

While parents can’t prevent all disruptive behaviors, including children in the planning process and identifying behavior triggers can be simple but invaluable tools. With the right family plan, parents and siblings can minimize worry and stress when their holiday schedule becomes hectic and create fun, festive memories together.

If you or someone you know is seeking answers to questions about neurological health, Bancroft can help. Contact us at 1.800.774.5516 or visit to connect with an Access to Care specialist....
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Bancroft Finalizes Purchase of Site For New Mount Laurel Campus


Largest Provider in NJ of Services for Developmentally Disabled/Autism Purchases 80-Acre Campus for Expansion.

Cherry Hill, NJ - Bancroft has solidified plans for the largest expansion in the organization's history with the completion of the purchase of 80-acres in Mount Laurel, NJ, which will become The Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. Bancroft is the largest provider in New Jersey of services and support for the developmentally and intellectually disabled including autism as well as those in need of neurological rehabilitation.

A leader in caring for special needs children and adults since 1883, Bancroft’s plans include a relocation and expansion of its flagship, The Bancroft School, as well as The Lindens Center for Autism, Campus Residences, Enrichment and Training Institute and new programs featuring recreation, socialization and technological opportunities for children, adults and families throughout the region.

“This is a significant step towards our goal of reaching more children and families who need our resources in the special needs community,” said Toni Pergolin, President and CEO at Bancroft. “We have envisioned a campus that takes our school and pediatric programs to a new level and provides new opportunities for engagement. This campus will offer a destination of hope for families in the greater autism and developmental disability community.”

Sale of Bancroft’s current school campus in Haddonfield is slated for June 2016.

“Bancroft has been part of our community for several decades as we host their group homes and more recently, Bancroft NeuroRehab Resnick Center in Mount Laurel,” said Mayor Linda Bobo. “We are thrilled they will be expanding their presence in our region and will provide families new opportunity to grow and learn.”

Bancroft will begin site preparation this spring with an anticipated completion of the project for the 2017/2018 school year....
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